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The Cheiron WYSIWYG Html Editor Control can be used as a control in a full scale all Cheiron application or embeded in a website for example via a pop under dialog window.  You can click the "Launch Now" button below to view a demonstration of how the editor functions. The code creates a standard Cheiron window and simply adds the Html Edit control to the client area without any special code being required. You can learn exactly how to do this in the tutorials section of this website.




Cherion Html Editor Control Features

The editor control features all of the functionality you would expect from a desktop editor all delivered in a function rich easy to understand user inferface. The common look and feel of the editor when compared to a normal word processor makes users comfortable and instantly familiar with the features.


The Cheiron Advanced JavaScript Library contains a fully functional What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) Html Editor written, as with all the controls, using only JavaScript no plugins and no server side code required. The number of features in the editor is control by you and can be extended with your own code. 


The Html Editor control is compatible with all major browser versions and is included in all Cheiron licenses and download packs. The control contains advanced dialog based functionality and we even use to edit this website and this very page (see Fig1.0 below)!


As with all Cheiron controls the Html editor has a fully documented API available in the control reference documentation section of this website.


The control is based around two classes the base editor class, which can be used to present the user with a simple edit window minus toolbars and contex menus, and the html editor control with full user interace.


Both options support further inheritance and function overriding along with the standard drag, drop, resize and dock extenstions available to all controls dramatically increasing your applications functionality.


The list below provides a summary of the high level functionality delviered by the Cheiron HTML Editor control. These features are made available without using any form of browser plugin.These features can be combined with the other controls in the library to even further enhance your deliverable.

  • Standard text formatting including Color, Font Size, Font Family, Bold, Underline, Italic.
  • Standard text justification including Left, Right, Center and Block Justification.
  • Standard text indentation including bullets and numbering.
  • Standard clipboard functionality including Cut, Copy and Paste of Html.
  • Image inserts using remote file system browser dialogs and supporting text wrapping.
  • Table editing including insert/delete rows, cell color, borders and vertical alignment.
  • Support HTML and XHTML output formats.
  • Supports Cheiron inheritance for adding your own functionality.

Development of the Html Editor Control as with all Cheiron controls is ongoing meaning you are not getting a stagnant version that breaks as soon as a new browser or operating system is released. Regular updates to Cheiron add new functionality and maintain compatability.



Fig 1.0:This page being edited via the Html Editor Control

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