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 JavaScript Control Library

Standard Controls

Calendar, Gauge, Slider, Roller, Menu, Color Picker, Accordian, Font Picker, Dock Area and many more!


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 JavaScript Html Editor

WYSIWYG Html Editor Control

Enhance your content applictaion by simply adding the Cheiron Html Editor control. With advanced dialog based features just like a desktop editor!


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 Advanced JavaScript Controls

Advanced Controls

Add advanced functionality to your browser based application quickly and easily with Cheiron!


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 JavaScript Development Studio

Online Integrated Development Environment (OIDE)

A full development studio for Cheiron JavaScript written in Cheiron JavaScript. Create and test your own applications in your browser!


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Develop Cherion Online Directly In Your Browser

User Interface Controls (All Packages)

All builds of Cheiron contain a full control library and support classes written purely in Javascript and usable on any web server host. The following list is just some of the controls available in all packages.

  • Windows and Dialogs
  • Wizards and Message Boxes
  • Menu and Context Menus
  • Tree Views and Accordions
  • Data Services and Xml Wrappers
  • Dragable and Resizeable Extensions
  • WYSIWYG HTML Editor Controls
  • Color and Font Pickers
  • Image Loaders and Animation

There are 60+ controls and utilities classes provided as standard by all builds of Cheiron!

Remote File System (ASP.NET Package)

The ASP.NET build of the Cheiron library includes a secure fully accessible Remote Server Side File System. The package includes all the standard UI plus additional controls as listed below.

  • Open Remote File Dialog
  • Save Remote File Dialog
  • Remote Folder Browser Control
  • Remote File Browser Control
  • Remote File IO Service
  • Read and Write Files on the Server
  • Delete and Rename Files on the Server
  • Upload and download files on the Server
  • Control permissions via user and file

With the remote file system you can securely access gardened user areas of your server's file system!

Download Latest Cheiron Version

Cheiron JavaScript TutorialsCheiron JavaScript Demonstrations


The Cheiron Advanced JavaScript Library website contains all the reference materialtutorials and examples you will need to start coding your own feature rich web applications right now. Every Cheiron UI control comes complete with its own detailed documentation including easy to understand example code. You can even practice your development right here on the website directly from your browser using the Cheiron Development Studio.


The libraries are already in use across the internet in many commercial applications and within the intranets of large financial institutions. The user interface controls are especialy useful for highly functional Cloud Applications and Internal Business Applications. A Cheiron application can deliver the functionality of a desktop application with all the benefits of a browser based system using common tools and languages. Infact we even offer a Windows Forms .NET Conversion Tool that will take your existing user interface, written using .NET forms, and convert it directly into Cheiron classes ready to use in your browser.


Most importantly the features and benefits of the Advanced Cheiron JavaScript Library and User Interface Controls are delivered without the use of any browser plugins. The system is compatible with all major browsers and will even run on smart phones web browsers. The libraries are stable and well tested meaning your application can deliver advanced functionality with limited effort!

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