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The Cheiron JavaScript Library contains 40+ User Interface Controls ranging from simple text boxes to fully functinonal spreadsheets and Html editors. For all controls Cheiron also contains extensions for Drag and Drop, User Resize, Animation, Anchoring and Advanced Tooltips. The user interface also contains standard dialogs for rapid appliaction development such as Open and Save Dialogs, Message Box Dialog, Input Box Dialog, Pick Box Dialog, File Upload and Progress Dialog and  many more.


Each of these controls can be created and used with a few simple lines of code making it wasy to rapidly build an application from scratch or implement Cheiron features into your existing system. You can even create your own controls to expand on an existing control using the same Cheiron JavaScript Inheritance that is used throughout the libraries.


The coding simplicity and ease of use of the controls is demonstrated below in a control code preview. Use the drop down to select the type of control you want to create and straight away a quick example is coded for you. You can then hit the "Run" button to execute the code and preview it right here on the site in your browser.

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