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If you are an existing customer with standard support and have a question regarding your Cheiron applicaion development you can use the "Raise Ticket" button below. If you are an existing customer with premium support you can also use the "Email Support" button below. If you have discovered a problem within the Cheiron library that you believe is a bug you can use the "Report Bug" button below to submit a report. You can report bugs regardless of your support level and without spending a support ticket credit if a genuine bug is found.

PLEASE NOTE: with tickets and email support you must supply one of the following: your license key, the licensed domain name or your order number. If these details are not supplied your email/ticket cannot be processed.

The table below highlights the level of support available with each support package. When you purchase a Cheiron license you will have access to different levels of support dependant on the license level you originally purchased. All licenses, including the FREE developer and registered charity licenses, come with online documentation and forum access.



 Standard Support

 Premium Support

 Online Documentation



 Online Forums



 Support Tickets



 Email Support



 Telephone Support


 Major Releases


 Bug Fix Releases



Support tickets are valid for 1 year from the time of purchase and are not transferable. Extended support can be purchased on a per full year basis. Additional tickets may also be bought in packs of five and are valid for one year from the date of purchase. For more information see the Buy Cheiron License area of the web site.

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