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The Cheiron JavaScript Library contains 40+ User Interface Controls ranging from simple text boxes to fully functiononal spreadsheets and Html editors. For all controls Cheiron also contains extensions for Drag and Drop, User Resize, Animation, Anchoring and Advanced Tooltips. The user interface also contains standard dialogs for rapid application development such as Open and Save Dialogs, Message Box Dialog, Input Box Dialog, Pick Box Dialog, File Upload and Progress Dialog and  many more.


Often desktop applications, specifically Windows applications, are deemed to have user interfaces too complex, or demanding on performance, to operate via a web interface. These concerns lead to applications being developed as "fat clients" which takes away the easy to deploy, easy to maintain, benefits of the "thin client" or browser based application. Our Ajax libraries bridge this cap providing the same rich functionality through the browser with no additional plugins or downloads required.


The Cheiron JavaScript Libraries are not just limited to visual controls. To complement the user interface Cheiron delivers cross browser services such as Xml, Server Side Communications and Background Image Loaders. All these services fit within the Cheiron object framework supporting inheritance, extension and on demand loading.


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