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Cheiron Standard Package (All Languages)

The Cheiron Standard Pacakge contains the debug source code and minified production versions of the controls and libraries. But does not include any server side functionality.

  • Standard Controls (Label, TextBox etc)
  • Advanced Controls (HtmlEditor etc)
  • Data Services and Xml Wrappers
  • Debug Source
  • Minified Source
  • Examples
  • Documentation



Download Raw Archive (ZIP)
Cheiron Enterprise Package (ASP.NET only)

The Cheiron Enterprise Package contains all of the standard package plus additional enterprise controls. These included the remote file system, server side event support and gzip compression.

  • All Standard Package Controls
  • Remote File System
  • Windows Forms .NET Convertor
  • ASP.NET Support
  • Javascript Optimizer Console
  • GZip Compression Support
  • SkyLight OS Source Code



Download Raw Archive (ZIP)

You can download either of the two available packages and begin developing Cheiron applications on your desktop in any of your favourite integrated development environments. Alternatively you can use our hosted online development studio complete with designers, automated event linking, project packaging and code snippets.


The Cheiron Development Studio is FREE to use for all developers. The user interface was written using Cheiron controls only and demonstrates the flexability of the libraries.


The code for the development studio and the SkyLight Web OS project are included in the Enterprise Package download.


Developing online in the Online Integrated Development Environment (IDE) means you are always using the latest version.


For more information about the features of the development studio please see the features section of the web site.



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