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The Cheiron Javascript Libraries are supplied with their own Online Integrated Development Environment (OIDE) which is itself written using the Cheiron library. You can start developing applications, or Ajaxlets, using the OIDE by clicking the Launch Now button below. If you are new to developing applications in JavaScript you may want to view the documentation section of this web site before you begin.



Online Integrated Development Environment (OIDE) Features

The online integrated development environment is a browser based version of a desktop IDE. It shares many of the features of its fat client equivilents.


The OIDE contains an Ajaxlet window forms designer with drag, resize, docking and event attachment all made easy. You can quickly create rich user interface applications with access to even the more advanced Html edit and spreadsheet controls.


The source code editor includes code snippet inserting for common JavaScript and quick Cheiron functionality such as popup dialogs and message boxes.


The Cheiron Development Studio provides a Package Project function which takes you Ajaxlet and packages it with all the files required to run your application on your own Html web server. The package takes your code, launch file, theme, script files and combines them with the latest Cheiron scripts into a single zip file. This file can be installed on all popular web servers just by extracting the files, no special server side processing is required. 


Comming Soon

The OIDE is being constantly updated with new features to make creating your own applications even easier. In the next releases we are planning to add Code Profiling, Control Containers, Direct FTP Deployment, Cloud DB Connect, Multi-File Projects, Developer Accounts and much much more. Perhaps the best reason to use the online development environment is that you are always using the most up to date version of Cheiron and its tools. 


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