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A fully playable Real Time Strategy Engine written only using JavaScript and HTML5 with the Cheiron libraries.

Includes animation, effects, sounds, building, attacking, structures, multiple factions and large maps.

A full editing suite for creating your own RTS games and maps in Javascript is also available.

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The SkyLight Project is a fully functional window based desktop written in Cheiron JavaScript. Supporting the remote server based file system and using the latest Ajax techniques the SkyLight Project is a demonstration the power of the Cheiron libraries.
This demonstration uses the complete suite of standard controls ranging from text boxes and html editors all the way to color pickers and file save dialogs. 

The CommerceCloud web application is a complete e-commerce and marketing solution for small and medium sized businesses. The user interface for the application, including the remote file system, was written using the Cheiron Libraries.
CommerceCloud alows your business to sell online quickly and efficiently with full product and content management. However, unlike other e-commerce solutions CommerceCloud has inbuilt SEO, Email Campaign Markering and Advanced reporting.

The free to useOnline Integrated Development Environtment (IDE) has been written using only Cheiron controls and serves as an excellent demonstration of the power of the libraries. No plugins are required and you can start using the environment for development straight away.


The Cheiron Development Studio is FREE to use for all developers. You can use it to create you own rich Javascript UI applications with help from the designer and code snippets.


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The brand new online pub, bar and club directly uses the Cheiron libraries to provide users with a rich administrative interface and to collect information for new bar submissions.

The iLASTorders website allows pub owners to submit information, including pictures, quickly and easily to the online directory.

The information can then be used through search engines, browsers and smart phones to find bars, pubs and clubs in your area. Especially if your looking for closing times and last orders.

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