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The Cheiron platform is a series of advanced client side javascript libraries designed for rapid user interface development and remote interaction. The controls can be used to create function rich user interfaces compatible with all latest browsers. When combined with server side data provisioning the platform can create fat client like applications with all of the advantages of a thin client environment.


Primarily Cheiron was designed to bridge the gap between desktop applications and Web 2.0 internet sites. The library contains a complete suite of advanced themed controls ranging from simple text boxes to one of the most fully featured web based HTML editors available on the current market.


Along with controls the system supports a remote file system, upload progress dialogs, Xml manipulation, drag-able and resize-able controls and animation all in pure JavaScript.



It should also be noted that the Cheiron platform, whilst demonstrated using ASP.NET, is not dependant on any server side components. The library can be deployed in a pure HTML environment or used with any other server side technology such as PHP or Java. Additionally the provision of client side functionality has been achieved entirely in JavaScript with no use of Flash or other browser plug-ins.


The system is made up of JavaScript primitives, classes, extensions and instantiated objects. The primitives represent the standard string, integer, array and object types supported by JavaScript. These are used for performance reasons and are not replaced by Cheiron style objects. On top of these primitives the System implements an object creation model and support functions.


The Cheiron class model allows the creation of Cheiron objects through their instantiation. The classes range from the simple object up to the complex Html Editing control. The object orientated class model supports inheritance, extensions and overriding. For example this allows a new control, inheriting the base control class, to immediately support the standard placement, sizing and event functionality.


The addition of extensions allows Cheiron classes to invoke additional optional functionality. For example a control can be anchored or made drag-able by a simple call to extend on an instantiated object. This keeps objects light preventing the addition of feature code unless explicitly requested.


The controls within the platform are designed without dependence on a specific look and feel. This enables a variety of skins or themes to be applied as required without the need to rewrite sections of code. By default Cheiron is supplied with several simple themes suitable to the needs of most users. However, new themes with richer desgins can be purchased from the Cheiron Store.


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